Running from the Law
GBI investigates a second Tusan staff attorney Krystal Moore as the clerk’s extortion attempt of divorce litigant Alex Higdon is exposed

Krystal Moore running from the lawFulton County Superior Court Judge Gail Tusan has once again come under fire for allegations regarding corruption in her chambers.  For the second time in three years, a staff attorney for the judge finds herself facing the specter of criminal charges for violations committed against Fulton County litigants.  After the 2011 criminal conviction and dismissal of former Tusan staff attorney Cassandre Galette, Tusan replaced her disgraced clerk with recent University of Dayton Law School graduate Krystal Moore.

Moore would remain Tusan’s staff attorney until the Judge was removed from her family court position in 2013 and given a highly controversial promotion by her boss Chief Justice Cynthia Wright, herself no stranger to controversy or climbing the jurisprudential ladder under fire.  After surviving multiple gunshot wounds from an acquaintance in 2003, Wright clawed her way to the top of the Superior Court ranks while dodging a daily dose of damning allegations herself.  judgewrightpicIn an August 19th, 2013 article posted on Georgia Court Review (GCR), divorce litigant Dr. Alex Higdon released audiotaped evidence of attorney Moore admitting the commission of several violations of law against court litigants and implicating several judges in a ring of corruption within the Fulton County Court system.

When she discovered that Higdon had made her confessions of wrongdoing publicly available, attorney Moore quickly recruited  a current appellate client Deb Beacham of My Advocate Center to assist with her extortion effort.  Undaunted by the obvious conflict of interest their relationship presented, Beacham and Moore executed an extortion attempt which consisted of threats against Higdon to take down the internet audiotapes of Moore confessing crimes or he would face false claims that he made harassing phone calls and stalked. deb beacham scowl 1Not only was Beacham a conduit in the extortion scheme against Higdon, the opportunistic marketing specialist also provided Moore the critical piece of court testimony enabling her to obtain a fraudulent warrant against Higdon for harassment that was summarily dismissed by a Gwinnett County Solicitor as baseless in January 2014.  Despite having no credentials in the field of family therapy, law, conflict resolution, or domestic violence, Beacham arrived in court portraying herself as an expert witness who helps families in conflict and claimed to have served “nearly 100 families” during the “two years” she claims her for-profit organization of one had been in operation.

Even more egregious than the gross distortion of her credentials and experience, Beacham praised Moore as “smart, credible, and professional” and went on to falsely claim under oath that Higdon had “physically and mentally threatened” attorney Moore.  Beacham’s most deceitful defamatory discharge, however, has been heard beyond the courtroom walls with her recent slander claiming Higdon “put his hands around Krystal Moore’s neck.”  While this baseless and bestial assertion by Beacham was spewed to at least four confirmed sources, every word of it is belied by the recordings that captured all encounters between Higdon and Moore where the attorney’s voice, far from throttled, can only be characterized as loose lipped and lively.

The irreconcilable irony confronting Beacham is that by advocating and protecting a staff attorney Moore, she has become the kind of predatory abuser of families and children that her business was purported to fight.  The predatory instincts of Beacham and Moore were on display with the pair’s recent forum shopping in Fulton County Magistrate Court.  Beacham once again posed as a witness for Moore who brought the identical charges against Higdon that she advanced in her meritless Gwinnett County pleading.  This time, however, their attempt to extort Higdon and soil his reputation was immediately thwarted when the false charges borne from their unholy alliance were exposed and dismissed on March 18th, 2014.

While Attorney Moore and her cohorts have been under investigation for judicial wrongdoing against litigants like Dr. Higdon, it was her former boss Judge Gail Tusan who originally requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) involvement after the audiotapes of Moore’s shocking confessions surfaced implicating both the Judge and herself in numerous crimes against Fulton County litigants.  During their investigation, authorities made a disturbing discovery regarding attorney Moore’s filing of at least six (6) legal actions in six years against six different defendants in both the civil and criminal courts of Georgia and Ohio.

These lawsuits were not confined to state court venues as one of the dismissed actions was a federal harassment suit filed by Moore against Turner Broadcasting long after she was fired from her record keeping job for poor performance.  Although each had disparate origins, all of Moore’s suits bore a striking resemblance to the other: all decried similar forms of abuse, all were absent one scintilla of credible evidence, and all would end with a dismissal of charges.

The legal actions most epitomizing Moore’s ruthless penchant for abusing court process were those she filed against her former boyfriend Adam Petty and his wife Tanesha Matthews, the couple shown below in a recent JET Magazine photo shoot.  After the breakup of his romantic relationship with Moore in 2010, Petty was forced to serve Moore an eviction notice to remove her from his home in Dayton, Ohio. When the eviction notice failed to compel Moore to peacefully vacate the premises, police were forced to permanently escort her off Petty’s property after he obtained a domestic violence protection order upon evidence showing Moore had left the scene of an argument that she had created only to return with her arm in a sling.  tanesha adam pettyNotwithstanding her removal and Petty’s demand that she cease any form of contact, Moore continued sending messages obsessing about their failed relationship and disparaging his future wife.  Nearly two years after he ended contact and secured his 2010 domestic violence protection order against Moore, Petty and Matthews were visiting Georgia while Petty attended a mandatory six week training course for military attorneys. While the two were enjoying some free time away from Petty’s military duties, Moore, who was at that time employed as a  judicial officer of Fulton County, happened upon the couple sitting on a park bench at Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta.

A Georgia judge heard evidence regarding the ensuing encounter and determined that Moore had accosted the seated couple and physically attacked Ms. Matthews after throwing a milkshake in her face.  Moore was found to have quickly fled the scene after she attacked Matthews and saw Petty immediately calling 911 for help.  Before Petty and his fiancée could locate Moore’s address in order to execute another order of protection against her, Moore preempted their action by convincing one of her Fulton County colleagues that she needed an order of protection against the couple claiming they, not Moore, were the aggressors.  Moore’s use of a court crony to secure a protection order represents yet another conflict of interest similar to that of her predecessor Cassandre Galette.  Galette was Judge Tusan’s previous staff attorney who was incarcerated for obtaining a fraudulent protective order from Tusan and using it to abuse a former love interest of her boyfriend.

After a Georgia court summarily dismissed her protective order citing a lack of credibility, Moore signed a consent agreement ordering her to pay for Petty’s attorneys fees and forbidding her to bring any future suit against him for alleged actions in the past. Astonishingly, within two months of signing the agreement, Moore had violated its terms by returning to an Ohio court and suing Petty for alleged abuse that occurred over two years earlier during the dissolution of their romantic relationship. Fortunately for Petty, the evidence in his dismissal motion provided irrefutable support for his innocence and the Ohio court penned an order dismissing Moore’s suit against her former boyfriend as a document teeming with meritless ramblings and inapplicable authorities.

The following interview is the second of a three-part series with Dr. Higdon discussing his experience with individuals like attorney Moore who have been unrepentant participants in the rampant judicial misconduct in Georgia.  Moving beyond the broad generalizations and unsubstantiated facts that so often accompany interviews where a litigant alleges foul play, we asked Dr. Higdon to buttress any claims of injustice perpetrated against either himself or his children by providing GCR the relevant evidence and documentation which substantiates the veracity of his recent claims against Attorney Krystal Moore and others.  Continue reading