His Judgment Cometh…
Georgia Judge Gail Tusan facing probable criminal probe following Staff Attorney’s audiotaped confessions in Higdon divorce case


sept24tusanMultiple law enforcement authorities are investigating whether Fulton County Superior Court Judge Gail S. Tusan will be indicted on criminal charges beyond the pending civil corruption suits filed against her in both State and Federal court. Tusan is embroiled in yet another legal controversy but this time the sobering allegations of judicial misconduct have been substantiated by one of her own, Staff Attorney Krystal M. Moore. After former Tusan Staff Attorney Cassandre Galette was arrested on criminal impersonation charges and suspended from the practice of law, Moore was assigned to replace the Judge’s disgraced clerk.


Failing to grasp what the incarceration of her predecessor would soon portend, Attorney Moore dove headlong into her appointment as Judge Tusan’s lone law clerk and would ultimately write or co-write nearly every order pronounced by the court during that period. During a recent series of audio taped interviews with Moore concerning rampant corruption in Tusan’s Court, the Staff Attorney confessed to witnessing countless cases that were corruptly and negligently discarded by the Judge.

Of all the cases unlawfully disposed of by Tusan, Moore reports that none suffered a more egregious disposition than the divorce suit involving pro se litigant Dr. Alex Higdon and his children.  Higdon is a psychologist and father of four who has been frozen in a protracted custody battle approaching its fourth year that includes litigation pending in several state and federal court venues.

After two years of witnessing the crimes that Tusan committed against Dr. Higdon and several others, Attorney Moore contacted both Higdon and five-time Emmy award winning CBS News investigative reporter Jeff Chirico to report several violations of law. In the following audio segment, Attorney Moore reveals her motivation for exposing the corruption committed in Higdon’s case.Krystal Moore-”I want to help correct something that was Wrong!” 

Some of the most flagrant violations perpetrated by Tusan against the Higdon family include her obstruction of medical treatment of four developmentally delayed children, her production of multiple fraudulent and discriminatory child support, child custody, and marital asset determinations and her rampant pattern of collusion with judicial colleagues in an effort to defraud Higdon. The following audio segment details Attorney Moore’s initial realization that Tusan had forsaken her oath and committed several illegal and immoral acts against Dr. Higdon and his children. Krystal Moore- “When did you first notice impropriety in my case?”

Shortly after Tusan pronounced the fraudulent divorce decree referenced in the above audio segment, Continue reading