who we are

Georgia Court Review (GCR) is a non-profit online news magazine whose primary purpose is to inform citizens of the rampant judicial corruption currently infecting Georgia courts, to organize those constituents willing to participate in the fight back, and to hold the offending individuals and organizations accountable for perpetuating the injustice.

Past judicial reform efforts in Georgia have mostly failed to garner the attention and support of a Georgia constituency who retains a basic trust of lawyers and judges while remaining largely unaware of the magnitude of judicial misconduct that has plagued Georgia courts for decades.  Our mission is to educate citizens about this injustice by galvanizing a grassroots movement of mature, emotionally-stable victims who are willing to share their experiences in an effort expose the wrongdoing of judicial officers who have heretofore violated their oath with impunity.

Once this power base of committed change agents has been created and motivated, Georgia Court Review will be the driving force in establishing the mechanisms of judicial accountability and oversight which have long been absent from the Georgia court complex at large.