Running from the Law
GBI investigates a second Tusan staff attorney Krystal Moore as the clerk’s extortion attempt of divorce litigant Alex Higdon is exposed

Krystal Moore running from the lawFulton County Superior Court Judge Gail Tusan has once again come under fire for allegations regarding corruption in her chambers.  For the second time in three years, a staff attorney for the judge finds herself facing the specter of criminal charges for violations committed against Fulton County litigants.  After the 2011 criminal conviction and dismissal of former Tusan staff attorney Cassandre Galette, Tusan replaced her disgraced clerk with recent University of Dayton Law School graduate Krystal Moore.

Moore would remain Tusan’s staff attorney until the Judge was removed from her family court position in 2013 and given a highly controversial promotion by her boss Chief Justice Cynthia Wright, herself no stranger to controversy or climbing the jurisprudential ladder under fire.  After surviving multiple gunshot wounds from an acquaintance in 2003, Wright clawed her way to the top of the Superior Court ranks while dodging a daily dose of damning allegations herself.  judgewrightpicIn an August 19th, 2013 article posted on Georgia Court Review (GCR), divorce litigant Dr. Alex Higdon released audiotaped evidence of attorney Moore admitting the commission of several violations of law against court litigants and implicating several judges in a ring of corruption within the Fulton County Court system.

When she discovered that Higdon had made her confessions of wrongdoing publicly available, attorney Moore quickly recruited  a current appellate client Deb Beacham of My Advocate Center to assist with her extortion effort.  Undaunted by the obvious conflict of interest their relationship presented, Beacham and Moore executed an extortion attempt which consisted of threats against Higdon to take down the internet audiotapes of Moore confessing crimes or he would face false claims that he made harassing phone calls and stalked. deb beacham scowl 1Not only was Beacham a conduit in the extortion scheme against Higdon, the opportunistic marketing specialist also provided Moore the critical piece of court testimony enabling her to obtain a fraudulent warrant against Higdon for harassment that was summarily dismissed by a Gwinnett County Solicitor as baseless in January 2014.  Despite having no credentials in the field of family therapy, law, conflict resolution, or domestic violence, Beacham arrived in court portraying herself as an expert witness who helps families in conflict and claimed to have served “nearly 100 families” during the “two years” she claims her for-profit organization of one had been in operation.

Even more egregious than the gross distortion of her credentials and experience, Beacham praised Moore as “smart, credible, and professional” and went on to falsely claim under oath that Higdon had “physically and mentally threatened” attorney Moore.  Beacham’s most deceitful defamatory discharge, however, has been heard beyond the courtroom walls with her recent slander claiming Higdon “put his hands around Krystal Moore’s neck.”  While this baseless and bestial assertion by Beacham was spewed to at least four confirmed sources, every word of it is belied by the recordings that captured all encounters between Higdon and Moore where the attorney’s voice, far from throttled, can only be characterized as loose lipped and lively.

The irreconcilable irony confronting Beacham is that by advocating and protecting a staff attorney Moore, she has become the kind of predatory abuser of families and children that her business was purported to fight.  The predatory instincts of Beacham and Moore were on display with the pair’s recent forum shopping in Fulton County Magistrate Court.  Beacham once again posed as a witness for Moore who brought the identical charges against Higdon that she advanced in her meritless Gwinnett County pleading.  This time, however, their attempt to extort Higdon and soil his reputation was immediately thwarted when the false charges borne from their unholy alliance were exposed and dismissed on March 18th, 2014.

While Attorney Moore and her cohorts have been under investigation for judicial wrongdoing against litigants like Dr. Higdon, it was her former boss Judge Gail Tusan who originally requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) involvement after the audiotapes of Moore’s shocking confessions surfaced implicating both the Judge and herself in numerous crimes against Fulton County litigants.  During their investigation, authorities made a disturbing discovery regarding attorney Moore’s filing of at least six (6) legal actions in six years against six different defendants in both the civil and criminal courts of Georgia and Ohio.

These lawsuits were not confined to state court venues as one of the dismissed actions was a federal harassment suit filed by Moore against Turner Broadcasting long after she was fired from her record keeping job for poor performance.  Although each had disparate origins, all of Moore’s suits bore a striking resemblance to the other: all decried similar forms of abuse, all were absent one scintilla of credible evidence, and all would end with a dismissal of charges.

The legal actions most epitomizing Moore’s ruthless penchant for abusing court process were those she filed against her former boyfriend Adam Petty and his wife Tanesha Matthews, the couple shown below in a recent JET Magazine photo shoot.  After the breakup of his romantic relationship with Moore in 2010, Petty was forced to serve Moore an eviction notice to remove her from his home in Dayton, Ohio. When the eviction notice failed to compel Moore to peacefully vacate the premises, police were forced to permanently escort her off Petty’s property after he obtained a domestic violence protection order upon evidence showing Moore had left the scene of an argument that she had created only to return with her arm in a sling.  tanesha adam pettyNotwithstanding her removal and Petty’s demand that she cease any form of contact, Moore continued sending messages obsessing about their failed relationship and disparaging his future wife.  Nearly two years after he ended contact and secured his 2010 domestic violence protection order against Moore, Petty and Matthews were visiting Georgia while Petty attended a mandatory six week training course for military attorneys. While the two were enjoying some free time away from Petty’s military duties, Moore, who was at that time employed as a  judicial officer of Fulton County, happened upon the couple sitting on a park bench at Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta.

A Georgia judge heard evidence regarding the ensuing encounter and determined that Moore had accosted the seated couple and physically attacked Ms. Matthews after throwing a milkshake in her face.  Moore was found to have quickly fled the scene after she attacked Matthews and saw Petty immediately calling 911 for help.  Before Petty and his fiancée could locate Moore’s address in order to execute another order of protection against her, Moore preempted their action by convincing one of her Fulton County colleagues that she needed an order of protection against the couple claiming they, not Moore, were the aggressors.  Moore’s use of a court crony to secure a protection order represents yet another conflict of interest similar to that of her predecessor Cassandre Galette.  Galette was Judge Tusan’s previous staff attorney who was incarcerated for obtaining a fraudulent protective order from Tusan and using it to abuse a former love interest of her boyfriend.

After a Georgia court summarily dismissed her protective order citing a lack of credibility, Moore signed a consent agreement ordering her to pay for Petty’s attorneys fees and forbidding her to bring any future suit against him for alleged actions in the past. Astonishingly, within two months of signing the agreement, Moore had violated its terms by returning to an Ohio court and suing Petty for alleged abuse that occurred over two years earlier during the dissolution of their romantic relationship. Fortunately for Petty, the evidence in his dismissal motion provided irrefutable support for his innocence and the Ohio court penned an order dismissing Moore’s suit against her former boyfriend as a document teeming with meritless ramblings and inapplicable authorities.

The following interview is the second of a three-part series with Dr. Higdon discussing his experience with individuals like attorney Moore who have been unrepentant participants in the rampant judicial misconduct in Georgia.  Moving beyond the broad generalizations and unsubstantiated facts that so often accompany interviews where a litigant alleges foul play, we asked Dr. Higdon to buttress any claims of injustice perpetrated against either himself or his children by providing GCR the relevant evidence and documentation which substantiates the veracity of his recent claims against Attorney Krystal Moore and others. 

GCR: We were surprised by your choice to go public with the evidence of Moore’s extortion attempt against you even though the false charges she brought against you were summarily dismissed.  Doesn’t this kind of publicity place your career at peril?

Dr. Alex Higdon: I think we were past the point of jeopardizing my career when the initial article in my case ran chronicling the judicial misconduct of the Georgia Court of Appeals.   As a clinical psychologist, going public is the last place that I wanted to go with this whole affair.  Stepping down in the muck with these people poses a significant risk for me in being branded the disgruntled aggressor as opposed to these inveterate law breakers.  More importantly, just being seen as embroiled in some controversy makes me vulnerable to prejudgment as so often folks don’t exercise due diligence to learn the facts of cases before they make their decisions about what is true.  Unencumbered by the facts, most folk have a propensity to fall back on a pervasive bias toward the court that says “If the courts are doing this to him, he must have done something wrong because these judges wouldn’t be that corrupt!” I am ashamed to say that I once held this bias myself.

It comes down to this. I feel I have no choice other than to come out publicly and fight.  First, I still have children who are being denied the care they need and several other families like my own who are being dismantled and disenfranchised by the business of divorce here in Georgia.  All I wanted was a just and fair adjudication of my divorce that didn’t jeopardize my right to care for the health of my children. When that right was denied, I simply asked Attorney Moore to honor her promise to help restore those rights to myself and others that she and her associates had forsaken.

Secondly, Moore and her associates have aggressively gone public with an approach of “Gee Alex, we’re sorry that we traumatized your family and so many others, but if you come forward with the evidence of our guilt, we’re gonna conjure up some lies, engage our many court contacts and use your legal ineptitude to bury you!”  It’s not hard to see where Moore is headed as first she divined some canard about harassing phone calls and stalking and now she’s spinning a yarn that suggests my recordings of her revealing multiple violations of law are falsified.  To combat this fraudulent and aggressive campaign against me, I did choose a more prominent approach as both Moore and her mentor Tusan are quite adept at draping themselves in the flag while feigning probity and public service.

tusan reelection pictureAnd lastly, I’ve toiled silently within the confines of this broken system for over three years and watched disparate courts band together to block my litigation.  As Attorney Moore has attested, word travels fast among these courts and when the silent collusion between judges and their staffs isn’t enough to dissuade a litigant like myself to go home, these judges will claim frivolity and impose global pre-filing injunctions that require a litigant to obtain pre-approval by the presiding judge in order for any pleading to be officially filed.

In an effort to avoid the humiliation and accountability for illegally discussing details of my case on camera with CBS News reporter Jeff Chirico, Tusan imposed a global pre-filing injunction upon me in April 2012 even though none of my pleadings in her court were ever ruled frivolous. Zero! Get this – one of the two pleadings that she claimed was frivolous on her order was a Habeas Corpus that she had earlier defended on the record as meritorious! When they penned that fraudulent order, both Moore and Tusan fully understood the result of that abject violation of my constitutional rights to free speech and access to the courts was that countless motions material to my case would disappear from the legal landscape never to be ruled upon. Krystal Moore- “You are just being denied access to the court.” brief

After we last spoke with you in August, we were under the impression that Attorney Moore was interested in bringing to light the reign of wrongdoing that for decades has ruled Fulton County Courts. Can you understand our confusion by her recent turnabout?

Absolutely. Like you, I initially assumed her admissions to me about the violations of law that both she and Judge Gail Tusan committed against my family were born from a desire to whistleblow. This was a near fatal presumption on my part.  I say “near” fatal because I was able to salvage some evidence against Moore and her cronies by capturing some of her testimony on audiotape, emails, and texts.

I was beyond words when she first came to see me and showed me countless court emails confirming the criminal wrongdoing of several judges. Although she refused in that moment to provide me those emails so I could begin suing these perpetrators for what they have been doing to Georgia families, she did promise to provide approximately 2000 emails at a later date if I would subpoena her in a way that she would not be seen as “snitch.” Krystal Moore Subpoena You are going to have to look me up and show you found the address.

It’s still heartbreaking to think about, but it was little more than a week until I realized that Krystal had made her promise in bad faith and was no longer willing to help the Fulton County families that she and her judicial accomplices had decimated. She callously backed out on her pledge to provide me information about these crimes by sending me a text stating “Mr. Higdon, I don’t want my address to be published, or filed on public record.  Further, mere statements are insufficient.  So, not sure if I would be of much help.”  Can you imagine confessing your crimes to the victim you violated and then glibly pulling those admissions off the table because you don’t want your address published?

If not from her desire to whistle blow, then why would Attorney Moore reach out to you and implicate herself and her superiors in so many violations of law?

Early on it was apparent to me that Moore’s motivation was more mistletoe than whistleblow. It was mostly about kissing and making up rather than owning and repairing the damage that she had participated in.  If you listen to the many hours of our audiotaped conversations, it becomes clear that she had a temporary bout of contrition over several wrongs that she and Tusan had committed and wanted to situate her contributions in a sort of superior context.  Far from atonement, she was attempting to absolve herself of any criminal responsibility as if to say, “See Mr. Higdon, there was nothing I could do, Tusan made me do it!”

During your conversations with Attorney Moore, were you able to get a sense of the violations for which she felt most contrite?

I know she had a lot shame about the fact that both she and Tusan knowingly created a fraudulent and discriminatory child support determination.  Krystal Moore – “Did Tusan Know I Didn’t have Money?”  They wrote their order knowing that my former spouse was lying when she put 48 thousand dollars of extraordinary educational expenses into the support calculator which grossly inflated my monthly support responsibility.  These were educational expenses that never happened and Krystal felt bad that the former spouse was being empowered to use that fraudulent order to abuse me in garnishment court.

bensonetta lane at carRegrettably, this January my former spouse is again attempting to use that fraudulent order to abuse me in court with Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane, the third judge to preside in my case after Judges Tusan and Shoob sought safe haven by transferring out.  Not only is Bensonetta Lane Tusan’s closest friend and colleague, she is considered one of the most corrupt judges in all of Georgia. Lane has already ignored several pretrial motions that have been pending for many months.  I think it is safe to assume that the outcome of my January hearing with Judge Lane has been preordained?

Was there any one violation that Moore seemed to feel the worst about?

If I was going to point what I believe Moore felt the most guilt over, it would have to be her role in helping Tusan essentially cut off medical care to my children after I spent three years orchestrating a treatment protocol. Krystal Moore – “I want to help correct something that was wrong.”  Ironically, my work in developing that protocol which recovered one of my boys from autism and was two thirds of the way there with another was hailed as “phenomenal” and “heroic” by my former spouse’s expert witness. Her words, by the way, definitely not mine.

After I assembled some of the world’s most prominent clinicians and researchers like Dr. Timothy Buie of Harvard (PBS Newshour article), Dr. John Shoffner of Hannah Poling fame (Time article), and Judy Van De Water of UC Davis (Time article), Tusan came to the final divorce hearing and allowed my former spouse to dismantle the diets and treatment protocols based on her claim that I had Munchausen’s by Proxy and was doctoring test results for my twins while conjuring up a false history of their developmental delays.

dawn smith internet videoIt was Tusan’s good friend and Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in the case Dawn Smith who not only supported my former spouse’s outrageous contentions, but she herself tried to convince both expert witness physicians in the case that I had Munchausen’s and assisted my ex in delaying exculpatory testing evidence at final divorce hearing.  This is the same Attorney Dawn Smith who was enraged when I attempted to remove her from our case for lying about her affiliations and credentials in order to be appointed. Her friend Tusan sheltered her from scrutiny on that matter by cancelling the hearing, refusing to produce an order that could be appealed, and then having her assistant send out an email saying she heard “most of the issues” contained in my motion to remove the GAL when she had heard nothing regarding Smith.

So when I finally obtained a second set of testing results confirming the first set and brought to court the evaluations proving my children had 16 months of treatment for several developmental delays that my former spouse lied about on the record, I set off to sue her for contempt of court and perjury.  In an effort to shield my former spouse and her friend GAL Smith from any consequences for their acts, Judge Tusan denied me my constitutional due process right to present even one argument in my entire contempt pleading.  Krystal Moore- “Bigger issue is that she cut you off and she knew it was wrong!”

To cover up their violation of law, both Tusan and Moore concocted a fraudulent order which claimed the Judge had heard testimony from me but denied it because I had “unclean hands,” a defense that is forbidden by law to be used in affairs of child custody and one that opposing counsel did not even raise at hearing. It sounds so absurd even when I say it now, but every bit of it and more is public record and confirmed in full by the words of Attorney Moore herself. Krystal Moore- “Extra language came in…that covers it up and smooths it over.”_2

To make this story even more horrific, Moore understood that the Georgia Court of Appeals colluded with Tusan to shield her from scrutiny on appeal by constructing a fraudulent appellate order that totally ignored any discussion of this matter.  Let me just say that for you again in case you did not understand. Justices Anne Barnes, Christopher McFadden and Carla McMillian of the Georgia Court of Appeals penned a false appellate order.  Read closely the evidence, its irrefutable.

scofflaw trioThese justices knew that Tusan had violated the law and they knew their only recourse to protect her from exposure was for each to pretend as if the most important enumeration of error in my appeal did not exist, except, when you read the appeal and hear Moore’s words, you understand that it did exist and both Tusan and Moore knew it was wrong. Krystal Moore- “It was known to the court that it was wrong.”

We were blown away by the final email you sent to Attorney Moore in May. Can you help us understand how after just 21 days of contact with Moore you moved so quickly from make up to break up?

The email itself represents a pretty detailed account of events but if you follow our entire exchange of texts and emails over the 21 days, they also provide an informative background for how the events actually progressed. Krystal reached out to me first by email on the 21st of April requesting that I “please call”.  Because she wanted to meet in person, I have texts confirming that she chose to drive to my Gwinnett office the very next day on April 22nd and we spoke at that location for approximately 3 and a half hours.  We spoke again by phone on April 29th for about 40 minutes and then we spoke for close to two and a half hours on the 30th of April.

As those conversations progressed over the first 10 days of contact, I began to notice that Krystal’s tone was becoming more guarded.  As soon as I began to inquire more specifically into the pattern of illegal communication and collusion that both she and Tusan had with other Superior Court Judges and their staff attorneys, I could sense that Krystal’s understanding of her shared responsibility for all the court misconduct was far more than she had initially considered.  As my questions became more pointed, her realization of her own culpability became more palpable.  If you just listen to the audio clips of many of her responses you can clearly sense a sort of reluctant timidity. Krystal Moore improperly communicating with Beth Baer of Judge Kelly Lee’s office showing a hesitance

Another factor that I believe contributed to Ms. Moore’s retreat had to do with her interviews with Jeff Chirico of CBS News Atlanta and the advice she received from her Attorney Lisa West both before and after those interviews.  Chirico conducted an interview with Krystal and Attorney Lisa West on the 25th of April and then another interview shortly thereafter.  Instead of being open and transparent in those interviews about my case, both Moore and Chirico informed me that she was strongly advised by Lisa West not to say anything about the violations of law related to my case.lisa west internet video 2It seemed the more conversation that Krystal had with Attorney West, the more closed she became.  It was very disappointing for me because this was the same Attorney West who was supposedly fighting court criminals like Judge Bensonetta Lane and all the while she was advising another criminal like Moore to keep silent about information that could help countless families.  It’s heartbreaking for me to say because I am essentially anti-cynicism, but you cannot afford to trust a single person operating in the Fulton County courts.

It’s one thing to “break up” with someone but something entirely different to damage that person through an extortion scheme.  How did it happen that Attorney Moore would move from break up to shake down?

As I mentioned earlier, on May 6th she sent a text stating “Mr. Higdon, I don’t want my address to be published, or filed on public record.  Further, mere statements are insufficient.  So, not sure if I would be of much help.”  After pleading with her via text to follow through on sending me the emails she showed me on April 22nd, she sent me a text saying “Please do not email me or text me or call me anymore.” That’s the standard text you send someone when you are setting up to file a protective order against them so I backed up a step.

At the time she sent this final text she had no idea I had taped our previous conversations and she admitted she was not concerned because she had always wrongly assumed audiotapes would not be admissible in court.  I waited a few days to respond to her and then on May 12th I decided to contact her one last time by text and phone just to let her know that she had a full disclosure email waiting in her inbox and that it was “my last” to her if I she did not reach back to contact me.

As I made clear in that email, if she was unwilling to take responsibility and tell the truth about the crimes both she and others committed, I was going to take the evidence she gave me and move forward without her.  It was only a few moments after I sent that email that Krystal called me and we had a three minute conversation where she attempted to manipulate me out of moving forward with my information. Final Conversation with Krystal Moore 3:07

After that very disconcerting call from Moore on May the 12th, I heard nothing more from her as I waited around for the next three months. She just ignored the subpoena I sent her to provide the emails and never showed up.  Then on August the 19th, GCR posted the article about Tusan with Krystal’s audiotapes displayed and shortly thereafter on August the 22nd I sent a long text to both Moore and her attorney Lisa West giving them one more chance to come to the table.  At that point, Moore could have no doubt that I was serious about whistle blowing the whole affair.  But instead of coming to the table and helping those families she had hurt, this was the moment that Moore joined with Beacham and began the extortion attempt. deb thirdCan you be more specific with us about the process of how Moore attempted to extort you?

Moore’s primary tool in this extortion scheme was using Deb Beacham of the My Advocate Center as a go between.  Beacham’s collusion with Moore makes sense as Beacham saw Moore as a huge publicity opportunity and a way to bolster her flagging business if she could land a big fish like Krystal.  Somehow, Beacham made a promise to Moore that she would keep the audiotapes off the internet, then Moore would testify for her in several cases that involved clients for her business.

So when the audiotapes with Krystal Moore were posted on the internet on August 19th, Beacham was incredibly inappropriate texting several individuals making absurd claims about lives being threatened and even texted me things like “people will get hurt and evidence destroyed….need that post down ASAP.”  I spent nearly a month ignoring Beacham’s tantrums and bizarre assertions until the day of my first hearing with Moore when Beacham sent court activist Edward Dort an email that made the following threat: “He has until about 5/5:30 to take the posts down or she will be in court and taking it from there.”  Ed Dort Fighting against Judge Gail TusanDort is a pioneer in the fight to clean up Georgia courts and an individual whose family was partially destroyed by Tusan.  He was preparing to invest 50k in Beacham’s for-profit outfit but her pattern of erratic behavior began to give him pause.  He was extremely upset that Beacham had been trying to cajole me with eleventh hour texts to “take down the posts” and to “let her know by 5-6pm.”

After I refused these attempts at extortion by Moore and Beacham, I showed up at the hearing.  Moore was able to finagle a continuance as she thought I would cave to the pressure in court and did not come prepared with a lawyer. I then wrote Beacham an email stating my conditions regarding Moore, hoping she could quickly gain some perspective and integrity.  When Beacham’s potential investor Ed Dort saw my email and witnessed the extortion that she and Moore were attempting, he wrote her an email immediately and backed out on his 50k investment.  Beacham was incensed and sent me a copy of Dort’s email essentially blaming me for his withdrawal.

Can you tell us what happened when you arrived in court with Attorney Moore at that second hearing? You mentioned that she and had perjured herself in court in an effort to obtain a warrant?

When we arrived in court, I was not prepared to keep track of all of Krystal’s lies, and more importantly, I was ill prepared to deal with a very angry Justice O’Peace who was presiding and didn’t want some punk pro se coming into his court and attempting to bring one of his own to justice.  He gave Moore carte blanche to spew lies and she did not disappoint.

She began her testimony by falsely claiming our first contact was from me reaching out to her despite the April 21st email that clearly reads “Please call.” She falsely claimed that she confirmed that I had hacked into her email on the 23rd and afterward told me to never contact her again despite the texts and hours of phone conversations that transpired after that date.  She falsely claimed that on April 30th she again told me not to contact her but phone records reveal over 3 hours of conversation between us on the 30th and 1st and emails prove that she sent me an official court document on April 30th proving Judge Tusan broke court rules when she improperly transferred off my case without hearing my pending motion for new trial.

Astonishingly, despite the three minute recording of our last phone conversation on May 12th and the phone records that prove she dialed the phone to speak with me, Moore blatantly lied to the court claiming that I called her and that she told me “to stop calling her.”  I actually played the recording of the conversation in court which exposed this blatant lie and the Judge acted as if he heard nothing. Final Conversation with Krystal Moore 3:07

And finally, maybe the most egregious lie Moore told was that I was physically threatening and harassing to her despite having details of every text, phone, and email communication with her. You can read for yourself and make your own conclusions, but I can’t imagine someone reading the words that I wrote to the person who participated in the devastation of my family and see them as anything but merciful.

Apparently, both Moore’s lawyer and her associate Beacham saw no physical threat in my behavior either as neither mentioned anything regarding me as a potential threat. Instead, both tried to broker a deal to have me take the audiotapes off the internet in exchange for Krystal dropping her suit. That’s extortion, plain and simple.  If I was so menacing, wouldn’t each of these individuals have been asking me to stop being so abusive and physically threatening? Even more disturbing is the fact that my last phone contact with Moore was over three months prior to her filing a suit on the 26th of August. Why, you might ask, would Moore wait three and a half months between phone calls to file a charge for harassing phone calls?

So where will you go from here? We realize that you are engaged on many different fronts apart from just this case with Krystal Moore, have you thought about next steps?

Yes I have.  Let me first say this – I won’t be disappearing from the landscape of this case regardless of how much money they steal from me or the jail time that looms.  On my walk to the worms, I won’t be toting my tale of woe and retreating to the felicities of middle class existence only to spend the rest of my days regurgitating my victim story with a sort of self-indulgent, fond remembrance.  No thank you.  I’m going to fight for what I know is fair.

I think what’s most important about my case has nothing to do with Krystal Moore and myself, it’s about breaking down the barriers of indifference and retaliation that make cases like mine possible.  So for me the next steps involve broadening the base of individuals willing to not only join the fightback, but to stay in it.

It’s going to be tough because I think what has made fighting injustice in Georgia so difficult is not the more conspicuous forms corruption like bribery and nepotism that propelled the Center for Integrity to rank Georgia the most corrupt in the union, it’s those more subtle forms of judicial shape shifting that really discourage folks from standing up and staying up.

Judicial officers like Tusan and Moore are poised in this practice of obscuring and reshaping the truth and they’re protected by a system that empowers them to commit crimes with impunity and then provides them the graves to bury those who seek to protest.  So for me on a personal level, I’ve got to keep the heat on these people and keep reaching out. While I am not oblivious to the dirt being kicked down on me from above, I’ve got a responsibility to continue fighting until I can no longer see the light.

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